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You are preparing for a year as Exchange Student in Germany. This will be the most challenging year in your life so far. But if you speak to former Exchange Students, you will hear, it also was their most interesting and best year. So go ahead and encounter it, we will help you to make it an enjoyable year.

It might be that you never have been so far and so long away from home before. In Germany you will meet another lifestyle, a different language and probably another climate. However, these and other impressions will make your stay a rich experience and will broaden your view. Your Host Rotary Club and your Host Families are looking forward to have you, they will help and support you during ‚your‘ year.


Everything you need to know about your exchange to Germany: in English read more.


Todo que quieres saber sobre to intercambio a Alemania: en Español leer más.


Tudo que você precisa saber sobre sua intercâmbio para a Alemanha: em Português venha aqui.




General Information for Inbounds

Arrival dates 2023

If not stated different, we expect your arrival in Summer 2023 in summer vacancies of the state your host city is located. Do not book at different flight dates unless approved by your Host Club/Host Family and hosting District.

District 1800: August 01 – 16
District 1810:
District 1820: August 05 – 13
District 1830:
District 1841:
District 1842:
District 1850: August 07 – 23
District 1860: August 25 – September 07
District 1870:
District 1880:
District 1890:
District 1900:
District 1930: August 25 – September 7
District 1940:
District 1950: Thüringen August 15 – 19 / Bayern September 02 – 16

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Facts about Germany

Looking forward to your exchange to Germany? Here are some interesting facts and aspects for you.

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Let Us Talk About

First nights at your new hostfamily aren´t always easy. To help you communicate and to check out rules and habits in Germany and of your hostfamilies, we developed the questionaire „Let´s talk about“ for you. Go ahead, and answer them together with your hosts.

Let Us Talk About DE – EN ➔
Let Us Talk About DE – IT ➔
Let Us Talk About DE – PT ➔
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Learn German with Rosetta Stone

Learning the language is the key to a successfull exchange year. Preferably basics of the language are acquired before departure from home. With Rosetta Stone we give you a great option to prepare for an upcoming exchange!

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